If you are interested in doing your PhD in my lab, please write to me with your CV, your interests, and your views on the work carried out in my lab. Those with a background in mechanics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, applied mathematics, physics, robotics or control theory are particularly encouraged to apply. Motivation, thoughtfulness and creativity are more important than your background.

I do not have any specific postdoc openings right now. However, I am always looking to work with talented scientists. Those interested in mechanics, evolution, control theory, or robotics, with a bent for mathematical work, are highly encouraged to write to me. Please send me an email and include your CV and names of references.

There are no “openings” for summer interns or other research interns unless you are currently a student at Yale. If you are a student at Yale, please write to me with your CV.

I appreciate as much detail as you can provide about the rationale for your interest in our work, and any relevant background information about yourself. Do not worry about sending long emails. I prefer long emails with more details than short ones with barely any information that I am unlikely to respond to.