I maintain a small group of around five people, including postdocs and graduate students. The group size naturally impacts and is related to the type of science that we pursue: detailed, one-person projects with strong mathematical and experimental components. The questions that we pursue are fundamental in nature and driven by curiosity. Naturally, our projects are filled with wonderful and colorful deadends; cf. Goldenfeld’s “intellectual death march.” Do write to me if this type of science appeals to your aesthetic sense.

Cultural diversity breeds scientific creativity and equal opportunities for everyone is at the heart of it.

Ph.D. students

  • Th​e ideal candidate will have a strong inclination towards applied mathematics, mechanics, and experimental work with biological organisms.
  • Ph.D. students are expected to develop their own problem, with some degree of alignment with other research areas in my group.
  • To be successful in my group, you will need a strong foundation in one or more of the following areas: mechanics, applied mathematics, physics, or organismal and comparative biology. Motivation, thoughtfulness and creativity are more important than your exact background.
  • Please write to me with your CV, names of references, a statement of your interests, and your detailed, critical views of the work carried out in my lab.

Postdoc positions

  • Topic areas: physical applied mathematics and engineering mechanics, or comparative organismal biomechanics.
  • The successful candidate will have journal publication(s) demonstrating depth and technical prowess in at least one of the following areas:
    • Organismal biomechanics
    • Applied mathematics
    • Engineering mechanics
  • The salary will be commensurate with experience and include benefits.
  • Please send me an email with your CV, names of references, and 1 selected publication that represents your thinking.

There are no openings for summer interns, Masters students, or other research interns unless you are currently a student at Yale. If you are a student at Yale, please write to me with your CV.

I appreciate as much detail as you can provide about the rationale for your interest in our work, and any relevant background information about yourself. Do not worry about sending long emails. I prefer long emails with more details than short ones with barely any information that I am unlikely to respond to.