• Vicon motion capture system with 8 T20s cameras (PDF brochure) and 64 analog channels.
  • Photron high speed  camera with megapixel resolution, and top speed of 1,000,000 fps.
  • Force measurement platforms: 2 AMTI BP600900 force plates.
  • Fully instrumented treadmill with split belts and two builtin force platforms: Bertec.
  • 6-axis high precision load cell from JR3.
  • Wireless surface and fine-wire EMG system with 16 channels: Delsys Trigno.
  • Wireless respirometry with breath-by-breath O2 and CO2 analysis: Oxycon Mobile.
  • Ten channel solid state strain gage amplifier: Vishay.
  • dSPACE real time controller.
  • Real time pneumatic controller with 4 ports from Shadow Robotics.
  • High speed data acquisition boards from National Instruments (48 channels in all).
  • 3D printer: MakerBot Replicator 2X with ABS printing material.
  • Several wireless accelerometers and inertial measurement units.
  • Several high precision single axis load cells.
  • Air table (8 feet long) for low-friction 2D experiments.
  • Assortment of still, regular speed and high speed cameras.
  • Electronics and mechanical assembly tools and bench.


  • 3D modeling: SolidWorks, BodyBuilder.
  • Optimization: OptCon, TOMLAB, SNOPT.
  • Mechanics: Classical Mechanic.
  • PDEs: Comsol.
  • General purpose: MATLAB, Mathematica, LabView.

Large and shared facilities